Please Note:
- with the exception of Beginner
level classes, all technique
workshops require basic
understanding of knit/purl,
cast-on/off, and increases and
- unless otherwise specified,
required materials for all classes
are not included - you may
purchase these materials at the
shop, or bring your own
- all classes and workshops
require 3 participants to run, and
are capped at 6 participants;
payment in full is required to
reserve your spot!
- if you have any questions or
concerns about our classes or
workshops, please do not
hesitate to contact Bridget @
Needles in the Hay by phone
705-740-0667 or by email!
Fall 2015 Class Schedule!

Intro to Socks
Thursday, November 5, 7-9:30 p.m. **new date just added**
Start your sock-knitting addiction right! An introduction to sock knitting for advanced beginners.
This class will focus on how to turn a heel on a mini-sock, as well as understanding basic sock
construction and patterns. 50g of worsted weight yarn and set of 5 4mm DPN’s required (makes
a mini-sock)
$25 for one session. Instructor: Bridget

Intro to Mittens
Thursday, November 12, 7-9 p.m. **new date just added**
Be smitten with mittens! This is a technique workshop for advanced beginners that will focus on
that pesky thumb! We will practice a gusset thumb on a mini-mitten, and an afterthought thumb
will be demonstrated. 50 g of worsted weight yarn and set of 5 4mm DPN’s required (makes a
$20 for one session. Instructor: Bridget

Absolute Beginner
Thursday, Oct. 1 & 8, 7-9 p.m.
Never touched a knitting needle in your life? This class is for you. We’ll start at the very beginning
with an easy cast-on and the knit stitch for a garter stitch swatch. Take your knitting with you for
a week and when you return we’ll bind off the swatches and cover a few more basics like the
purl stitch and how to read yarn labels and patterns. 100g of worsted-weight yarn and 5mm
needles required (*use feltable wool for swatches and turn them into felted mug cozies!)
$40 for two sessions. Instructor: Bridget

Beginner Refresher/Knitting in the Round
Thursday, Oct. 15 & 29, 7-9 p.m.
For those whose needles have gotten a little dusty, but are eager to jump back in! We’ll cover
the long-tail cast-on, knitting and purling, increases and decreases, binding off, and knitting in
the round. The project for this class is a basic ribbed hat. About 200 metres of worsted weight
yarn and a 4.5mm or 5mm 16inch circular needle and corresponding double-pointed needles are
$40 for two sessions. Instructor: Bridget

Stranded Colourwork
Saturday, Sept. 26, 11am-1pm
This workshop will cover the basics of Stranded Colourwork (aka Fair Isle) , wherein two (or
more) colours of yarn are worked over the same row. We’ll look at one- and two-handed
techniques with swatches worked in the round. This workshop serves as an excellent primer for
our Colourwork Mittens Knit-along, as well as future Steeking workshops! Please bring two
colours of worsted weight yarn and a 4.5mm or 5 mm 16” circular needle or DPN’s.
$30 for one session. Instructor: Glenna C.

Knit Your Best Sweater
Saturday, Sept. 26, 2-4 p.m.
Are you ready to delve into the wide world of sweater knitting, but daunted about how to do it
right? Or have you knitted some sweaters already but interested in ways to improve your fit,
pattern modification, and size selection? In this class we’ll look at all of these things and more.
Measuring, choosing size, the differences in sweater styles, and interpreting your pattern to suit
your own individual body size and shape. Please bring your preferred sweater pattern and a
stockinette swatch knitted in your preferred yarn.
$30 for one session Instructor: Glenna C.

Steeks Don’t Scare Me!
Saturday, November 21, 11am-1pm **new date**
A chance to try this intimdating technique - intentionally cutting your knitting open! - in a safe and
secure environment, with expert instruction and low-pressure conditions. You will prepare
swatches ahead of time that you will steek in class. Different stabilizing and finishing methods
will be explored. Materials : colourwork swatches - homework is provided when you sign-up ,
darning needle, sharp sewing scissors, 3.5-4.0mm crochet hook.
$30 for one session Instructor: Glenna C.

Codebreaking the Yarn Shop
Saturday, November 21, 2-4p.m. **new date**
Are you curious about the difference between Aran and Worsted weight wools? Or what all those
yarn labels are trying to tell you? Would you like to be more confident about substituting yarn?
This class is for you! We'll have you covered with understanding yarn weights, ply, fibre content,
and what those yarn labels really mean. Materials: Notepaper and Pen; and (optional) a knitting
pattern you want to substitute yarn for. Bring your questions as well!
$30 for one session. Instructor: Glenna C.

Beginner Rug Hooking
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 7-9p.m.
The Beginner Workshop will cover a basic introduction to the art of rug-hooking. This includes
various techniques for hooking, as well as different tools and supplies you can use. A small kit is
available for purchase with a design on burlap, a small hoop and instructions to make a coaster
sized rug. Hooks will be available to borrow or purchase, and yarn will be available for use
during the workshop.
$25 for one session + materials (kits available for $25) Instructor: Margot

Intro to Needlefelting
Date: Sunday, Oct. 18th, 2-4p.m.
Join us for some fun with fiber! This workshop will focus on creating 3-D objects by felting pieces
of roving (washed and carded wool fleece) using barbed felting needles. Very easy to learn, and
lots of fun!
$20 for one session. Materials will be available for purchase. Instructor: Rae